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Morningstar Hong Kong is here to 'Empower Investor Success' and help you make better investment decisions. To do that, we have introduced several new enhancements find the details below...

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    A variety of new features for you to explore...

    • Investing for Beginners

      Empowering Investor Success

      When we say we're focused on empowering investor success, we mean it. Wherever people are making decisions about investing, we are there to guide them through it.

    • Mobile Optimized

      Stay connected on any device

      The updated website allows you to connect with Morningstar on a variety of devise types including phones and tablets.

    • Sustainable Investing

      Sustainability and Carbon Ratings

      If you want to maximise returns, then you should ensure environmental, social, economic, and financial system in which they invest is as healthy as it can be.

    • Investment Compare

      Evaluate Investment Possibilities

      Quickly understand the pros and cons of specific investment choices. Explore our new investment research tools today.

    • Global Stocks

      Addition of Global Equities

      Equities from major exchanges globally can now be searched, reviewed and evaluated to help you make more informed decisions.

    • Morningstar Indexes

      Morningstar Index Screener

      We draw on our independent research ecosystem to inspire new indexes and drive outcomes that investors value. Explore these indexes with the new Index Screener or learn more about Morningstar Indexes.

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    It seems that one of the tools I used to use is missing. Where is it?      To be able to offer a more engaging site, which is expanding and continuously improving, Morningstar needs a global platform. Previously, there was a separate Hong Kong site, which has now been replaced by the same new site that was launched in the rest of the world. The advantage is that our tools are now updated with new features. If there is something special you miss, submit improvement suggestions submitting feedback here.  
    The fund search looks completely different, how do I find the filters and features that existed in the old one?     We have built a new fund search that works better for all visitors using a mobile device. However, the goal is that it should be as good as the old one, so if you have tips on how to search and sort funds, give your feedback here.  
    My portfolio has holdings that are grayed out and unavailable, what does this mean?     All users who had created portfolios on the old site have been migrated to our new experience. If you find that some holdings are grayed out, this means that this holding is no longer valid and that it has likely changed identifiers since you last entered it in. You can simply search for the latest identifier for this investment and add it to your portfolio.   
    What browsers work best for morningstar.hk?     The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari. The selection of browsers is determined by what our visitors primarily use.  
    How do I log in?     Click on the icon that looks like a head and shoulders, top right, enter your email address and password.  
    I forgot my password, what do I do?     Click the login icon, then click "Forgot your password?". Then you can enter your e-mail address and get a new password.  
    How do I change my email address?     After you have logged in, click on "Membership" in the upper right. Then select "Edit" and change to your new email address, and click Save.  
    Do you offer telephone support for morningstar.hk?     No, we only offer email support at this time. If you do not find an answer on this page, send your question to hksupport@morningstar.com.  
    I work at a fund company and have found something I think is wrong in your data, who do I contact?     Usually, our data department already has direct contact with all companies that contribute to our database and we normally work through those channels. If you do not know who our contact person is with you, send an email to hksupport@morningstar.com and we will contact you.  
    Can you trust that numbers and comparisons are correct?     No. There is always a risk that fund companies or other sources sometimes report incorrect information. Before deciding on investments, you should check that the same information is also available in other sources, such as the latest annual report from the fund company.  
    What is the Morningstar Rating for Anything?     Morningstar Rating is a comparison of the Fund's historical performance, both return and risk taking, compared to other similar funds with the 1-5 stars scale where 5 stars are the best and go to the 10% best funds in the category. It is one of the factors that you can use in the initial thinning of the funds in a fund category in which you want to place part of your savings. For more information, for example, see Help in the main menu.  
    What does Morningstar do?     Morningstar is an independent provider of information on mutual funds and other investments globally. We offer a range of services in data, software, equity and mutual fund research, as well as management to advisors, fund managers, insurance companies and investors, among others. The Group is listed on Nasdaq in the US.  
    How do I get help with an issue?     Our support team is happy to assist. Sign-in and let us know what we can do to help. Contact us here.  
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