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MOST READ: Let’s work our way through the string of scandals that culminated in Credit Suisse's demise.

Morningstar 28 December, 2023 | 19:47
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Credit Suisse's Demise: A Timeline of Scandal and Failures

Credit Suisse is the latest—and, by far, the largest—victim of a new confidence crisis in banking. Its dissolution into UBS doesn’t come out of the blue, however. Here is the timeline of scandals, failures and disappointments that brought us here.


Best and Worst Performing MPFs in 2022

The fourth-quarter rally narrowed the yearly losses in the MPF schemes, but only one category finished the year with a positive return.



4 Simple Rules when Buying (or Selling) an ETF

A guide to help navigate this deceptively complex activity


5 ETFs for Japan Stock Exposure

For investors who also look to ride the continued corporate and capital improvements.


What Happens if a Company’s Stock Falls to Zero?

Here’s how you’ll be affected if a stock becomes worthless – and how to profit.


December 2023

China Outlook 2024: Policy Support, IPOs, and Optimism

Managers from JP Morgan, T. Rowe Price, and Ninety One tell us what they expect from China stocks in the new year.


How This Stock Picker Avoids Mistakes

Peter Bates from T Rowe Price talks about how he came to prioritize stock picking over making macro bets.


2024 is a Year of Recovery for Semiconductor Chips

Phelix Lee from Morningstar gave two top stock picks.


2 Top-Rated India Equity Funds

What are the risks and oportunities in India's stock market in 2024?


Active Vs Passive: How to Bring Together the Best of Both Worlds

Investors are better off using active funds in some cases, but not others. Samuel Lo from Morningstar explains.


November 2023

FSSA’s Martin Lau Buys More of His High-Conviction Calls

Sticking to his investment discipline, this China Growth stock picker seeks to validate his calls.


China Funds See US$7 Billion Outflows in Q3

Even as Chinese equities are down by another 15%, should you buy the dip?


Earning 7% on a 60/40 Portfolio is Still a Good Deal: JP Morgan AM

According to the asset manager's research, these returns can be expected to continue for the next 10 years.


2 Top-Rated Asia Allocation Funds

VIDEO: Why the funds managed by First Sentier and Schroders excel in both return and risk terms.


3 Gold-Rated China Funds with Heavy Outflows

These funds have the potential to outperform their peers in the long run, and we like them, despite them receiving the worst redemptions year to date.


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