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Articles: Economic Insights

Title Collection Author Date
Slow EM Vaccination Hinders Oil Demand Economic Insights Mark Taylor 13/07/21
Oil Demand to Surpass Pre-COVID Levels in 2022 Economic Insights Kate Lin, CAIA 07/06/21
How Rising Bond Yields Affect Your Portfolio Economic Insights Emma Rapaport 14/05/21
If You Like Democracy, Check Your Fund Economic Insights Marco Caprotti 19/02/21
A Year Since Lockdown: China in 5 Charts Economic Insights James Gard 26/01/21
An Investor’s Guide to the Biden Administration Economic Insights 20/01/21
Emerging Markets Outlook 2021 Economic Insights James Gard 15/01/21
U.S. Economic Outlook: Optimistic for a Rapid Recovery Economic Insights Preston Caldwell 06/01/21
China: Themes for 2021 Economic Insights 10/12/20
What History Can Teach Us About the Post-COVID Economy Economic Insights Preston Caldwell 09/12/20
What Is Gold Worth? Economic Insights Karen Wallace 24/11/20
What to Expect From a Joe Biden Presidency? Economic Insights Dave Sekera, CFA 09/11/20
Will a Turbulent Election Derail Economic Recovery? Economic Insights Dave Sekera, CFA 29/10/20
Should You Buy Gold? Economic Insights Ruth Saldanha 27/10/20
China's Mutual Fund Industry Has Become More Mature Economic Insights Ruth Saldanha 25/09/20
Beware the Hype as Gold Hits New Record Economic Insights Amy Arnott 28/07/20
Is China's Recovery Already Underway? Economic Insights Holly Black 26/06/20
Invesco Manager Is ‘Overweight’ on China Economic Insights Ruth Saldanha 17/06/20
China Fares Poorly on ESG Metrics, HK is Better Economic Insights Ruth Saldanha 10/06/20
How to stay disciplined (and why it's important) Economic Insights 05/05/20
The Coronavirus Column Economic Insights John Rekenthaler 11/03/20
Fed Cuts Rates - is the BoE Next? Economic Insights Holly Black 05/08/19
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